Turbo51 Studio
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Turbo51 Studio

Turbo Pascal and Turbo Assembler for 8051 microcontrollers

The Turbo51 Studio is a free Integrated Development Environment for the 8051 microcontroller family. IDE includes a pascal and an assembler compiler, debugger, simulator and many other useful things. If you are programming for the 8051 family of microcontrollers then you will love Turbo51 Studio.

Main features:

  • Built-in editor
  • Easy compiling and error reporting.
  • Source-level debugging
  • Instruction-level debugging
  • Simulator breadboard
  • Oscilloscope
  • Virtual and Nano Terminal
  • In-System Programming (ISP)
  • 100% precise instruction executing and timing
  • All main 8052 features emulation

Debug windows:

  • Registers
  • Internal memory
  • External memory
  • Code memory
  • EEprom memory
  • Special Function registers
  • Watch List

Turbo51 Studio is released as a freeware. You can use Turbo51 Studio for hobby projects and for serious work.
The Turbo Pascal 51 Studio powered with Turbo51© compiler by Igor Funa, the Turbo Assembler 51 Studio powered with ASEM-51© compiler by W. W. Heinz.

Special thanks to Jim Granville of ideas and the lot of testing.

Turbo51 Studio Version available for download

Released 14.02.2013.

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