Turbo51 Studio
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Download Turbo51 Studio

Here you can download the latest version of Turbo51 Studio. Installation is very simple: just unzip downloaded file and run the setup program.

Before you download and install Turbo51 Studio you should read and accept the License Agreements. Turbo51 Studio is released as a freeware. Developing it takes up a considerable amount of my time. If you are using Turbo51 Studio for commercial projects or just like Turbo51 Studio and you would like to support further development, you can donate some small amount via PayPal. Donations are a great way to show your appreciation for my work. Besides being an incredible boost to my morale, they are also a great incentive to fix any bug you find in my software and to add new features.

License Agreements:

Turbo51 Studio by Kollar Zoltan. - Turbo51 by Igor Funa. - Asem-51 by W.W. Heinz

Turbo51 Studio Version, released 14.02.2013

This is the latest version of Turbo51 Studio.

System requirements:

Operating system:Windows XP, Vista or 7 (32 or 64 bit)
CPU:High perfomance CPU recommended for real-time simulation.
Memory:Minimum 2 GB
Monitor:1920x1080 pixel resolution, dual monitors recommended for debugging.
Serial ports:For ISP, Nano Terminal and Simulator Breadboard.

Download latest beta version / Latest beta version history
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